15 December, 2006

Being Irish

So today I went out to lunch with the guys here at work. We had this little joke running about "Oh, you like that? Well that's just cause you're Irish." Oddly enough, it fits for a lot of things. Some of the things named were:
  • Dropkick Murphys. Irish punk music.
  • The Corrs. Irish pop-folk music.
  • Drinking. Go figure. This also fits with the German in me.
  • Guinness. Goes along with the drinking, but it's really in a class all its own.
  • Boondock Saints. A movie about Irish Boston.
  • Meat & potatoes. I grew up on them. What do you expect in an Irish family?
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more, but yea... those really do seem to fit.

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