19 February, 2007

Selective Racism

If "racist" terms offend you, I would recommend tuning out now.

Alright, now that the warning is out of the way, I can get on with my rant. This is another of my "why I hate people" rants. See, it started out yesterday when I went to see a movie. It was "The Departed", a movie about corrupt cops in Irish Boston. Original, I know. Pretty good movie anyways. So, being set in Irish Boston, dealing with organized crime, they start off right away talking about "guineas". For those of you who may not know, guinea is a derogatory term for an Italian. I laugh the first time I hear the term, and not a single other person in the audience seems to even notice it. Now at this point, I should mention the people sitting in front of me. In the row directly ahead of me is a black woman, and in the row ahead of her are two more black women. Nothing against them, it's just vital to the story. Alright so after a couple minutes of Jack Nicholson talking about guineas, he also uses the word "nigger". And oh boy was there a reaction to that one! The woman directly ahead of me said "I don't like this so much already," or something along those lines. A bit of hooting at the screen, general disgust at the use of the word. The movie goes on, lots more talk of guineas, he had to have used that term at least 20+ times throughout the movie. At one point, he also used the terms "mick" (Irish) and "chink" (Chinese); again, inciting laughter from me and no reaction from the rest of the audience. Then he says "nigger" again. More disgust and hooting from the rows ahead of me. Oh and did I mention the vacuum that was created by every white asshole in the theatre puckering each time that word was mentioned?

So let me get this straight. You can say "guinea", you can say "mick", you can say "chink" and nobody cares. They could have probably even gotten away with dago, wop and goombah without a hint of notice from the crowd. But as soon as you say "nigger", everybody is up in arms. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Honestly, I don't really understand "racial slurs". They're only offensive if you take offense. I'm Irish, I call myself a mick and laugh about it. I'm white, I call myself cracker, whitebread, honkey and again I laugh about it. One of my best friends in high school was Chinese and Vietnamese. He got called to the principal's office one day because he was walking through the halls, chanting "I chink I can, I chink I can..." When he was in there, the principal told him that he couldn't use racial slurs. His reaction? "How can it be a racial slur? I AM a chink! A slanty-eye! A gook!" And he's right. It's not a slur, because he takes no offense.

Our society has turned into a bunch of coddled pussies. Hasn't anybody ever heard the old saying "Stick and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Get over it, people.


Wesley said...

Because no other race has made such a big deal out of it as the black folk have. Even though the word "nigger" was coined (as far as I know) by Mark Twain in his writings, it wasn't intended as a slur, just a word to reference either all blacks, or just certain stereotypes. So what the biggest problem is that people get all uppity BECAUSE THEY WERE THE ONES SLAVED! Without *any* regards to whatever their background and heritage may be, if you are black, your ancestors were slaves, and the whole western world owes you a debt because of it.

So I hope I at least explained what I believe the prominent point of view is. This little window makes it a bit hard to format it properly.

boycat said...

Whatever, nigger.

Chai said...

Maybe you have to have been a slave before to get a complex like this.

Tarken said...

Hmm. Maybe so. Then again, you'd have to be a gravedigger to meet one of them. Or go on a tour through an Asian factory.

From the perspective that a lot of "african american" people have, asking reparation for their ancestors' slavery, I should be asking the same and perhaps more. Irish people were slaves here quite a long time ago... so where is my 40 acres and a mule?

Anonymous said...

African American's are similar to the Jews who feel that any comment made about them is ani-semetic you can not call a jew anything without being called on the carpet for offending the whole race or the Holocaust. People of color are just acting like Jews complaining......

Anonymous said...

"Selective Racism" yes it sickens me.
A good example is from the movie, "Juno". The pregnant character says in one scene, "Maybe I should go to China, I hear they give out babies like free iPods. Shoot 'em out in those t-shirt guns..." Nobody flinches an eye....Maybe if she said Africa, India, Israel or someplace else. I'm not Chinese and its offensive. Jack Nicholson's character in "Departed" was a racist for cryin' out loud. The girl in "Juno" was just a character who employed SELECTIVE RACISM---meaning only OFFEND those who you know that WON'T MIND. (Dumbass white screen writer)