02 August, 2006

Passionfruit Starburst

So I was having a bit of a debate about my Jesus Juice, with one of the servers at Kobe. She kept insisting that it tasted just like a Passionfruit Starburst... I'm not entirely sure, and I'm deferring to her knowledge of them, as it's been a very long time since I've had that particular kind of candy. However, when I went and had another Jesus Juice last night (yes, I'm there too much,) it was made by accident with pineapple juice instead of the orange juice. The bartender obviously offered to remake it... but I was curious, so I tried it. And holy crap! I'm not sure which way I like better... they're both very tasty! But with this one.... I was actually thinking about Tropical Starburst when I was drinking it. I think the other one may have been close, but this nailed it on the head. So I think I have now, with the assistance of the staff at Kobe, created 2 new drinks with just a minor variation.

First, Jesus Juice, with the orange juice. Second, Tropical Starburst, with the pineapple juice.

I love it. I need to come up with more drink recipes.

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