01 August, 2006

Jesus Juice

This is the name of my new drink I made up last night. I believe I've made it once before at my house, but it was never officially christened, nor did it make its public debut, until last night. It was a slow night in the bar, I didn't really have anything particular in mind to drink, and the Bartender's Handbook produced nothing useful... so I had the bartender, Sariah, mix this one up for me. After trying a little bit, her reaction was something along the lines of "Jesus, that's good. I can't wait to have one!" ... after which she was quick to name it, "Jesus Juice".

Here's how we made this wondrous wonder of a drink:

Mix equal parts of the following, over ice, in a tall glass:
  • Vanilla Vodka (I generally use Stoli, but Skyy was used last night and it turned out quite well)
  • Malibu Rum
  • Midori Melon Liquer
  • Orange Juice
I like mine shaken, but in general the ingredients will blend pretty well on their own. Either way, sit back and enjoy! If made properly, you shouldn't taste a damn bit of alcohol, but you'll definitely feel it!

1 comment:

boi.wunder said...

yer making that for me and chris
when we come down there.

and, by the way, we'll prolly be camping after packing up shite, so we'll get outta yer hair fairly fast.