31 August, 2007


So uh yea, for those who don't know, I had surgery on Wednesday morning. I just now took the gauze off, and this is what I was greeted by!

Holy monkey! When he told me 9 stitches, I was figuring on something smaller than this! Kinda cool though... just too bad it isn't Halloween, I wouldn't even need a costume! Anyhow, just thought I would share this with the world. :)


Stephani said...


Jessica said...

Holy Monkey!


WTF? 9 stitches.

I have a smaller incision where my thyroid was removed.

Cool, you take it in stride :)

Joey said...

Jessica, this was actually after I had a cyst removed from my hyoid bone; that's where they found the cancer.

Thanks for all the comments! Glad to see people still appreciating my old random ramblings. :)

Jessica said...

Yes, yes. :) So glad you commented back :)

I really like your blog, perspective and humor!!