20 November, 2006

Body modding

I've been thinking very seriously lately about getting into body modding.

I already know that I'm going to do tattoos over a large part of my torso. I have a back piece planned, as well as something for my left shoulder. I would like to get pieces figured out for other parts of me as well... and I know already how I'm going to link them together. That way it's not just a bunch of random patches of ink across my skin... they will actually flow together in a way.

More recently though I've been thinking about piercings as well. Partially because these are much cheaper than tattoos... and partially because I've always liked piercings. Once it was suggested that some piercings might look good on me.. well, it was all over.

So far, I'm thinking I would like to get (eventually) ears, septum, labret and bridge... all nice and symmetrical. The bridge might be a bit awkward, with the way my glasses sit... since I've got such a narrow bridge, my glasses sit right exactly where the piercing would go.

I still have a huge fear of needles... and I would definitely have to give my standard disclaimer of me + needles = passing out when I got pierced.. but I think this would also help me overcome that fear. Maybe.. somehow.

My other problem is, I don't know how these piercings will be viewed at work. I'm not even sure about ear piercings simply because of my job. Granted, this is a business casual environment... but some of these people are also very straight laced. Plus the fact that I actually have to meet with clients on occasion... which I hate (see my previous post about that.) I really want to start doing this stuff.. it just really interests me. I guess I'll have to ask if there's any kind of policy here about that. It just somewhat bugs me that work might actually restrict me from doing things like this, when really, it doesn't change at all who I am or how I perform my job. It just changes how I look... which really, they shouldn't give a damn about, as long as I'm presentable.

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Anonymous said...

I got both of my nostril piercings done at my old job and everyone there was very conservative. I didn't ask anyone about it because I believed it didn't change who I was or how I performed, just like you said. And after I did them, no one even said anything.

I actually don't think, knowing what little I do about your coworkers, that anyone there would mind. There are things you can do to hide certain piercings, namely the septum and labret. (Ears I don't think are a big deal.) So if you are thinking of starting with something, go for ears first (is my suggestion because we've talked about them being the easiest) and then the septum. Septum is really easy to hide... and I think your company might appreciate the fact that you thought about how they feel.

I don't know. For me, any company that has an issue with how I look because of a piercing is somewhere I will not be happy working anyway.