03 November, 2006

Pure, raw stupidity.

You know how it's called a "flash flood" when there's a sudden downpour and areas become flooded nearly instantly? Well, I've just gotten what I like to call a "flash migraine". Except, these aren't caused by sudden downpours of rain. They're caused by sudden downpours of stupid.

I just ran into one of the most ridiculous bugs I've seen since I started at this job. On the locator website for one of our clients, I could add a space (yes, " ") to the end of a zip code in which I wanted to find a location.... and somehow, this managed to make all locations display as being over 5,000 miles away. Even ones that were.. oh, say, 18 miles away.

How do you not notice things like this in development? How do you not CHECK for things like this in testing? Hell... how do you manage to maintain a job in the IT industry, making totally stupid mistakes like this, on major corporate websites!?

I just don't get it .... but I praise the inventor of Excederin migraine.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you are taking excedrine? Don't! (It's bad for the heart... at least... it's bad for mine.)

Tarken said...

It's probably bad for mine too. But it seems to be the only thing that has even the slightest bit of an effect on my migraines. I've tried LOTS of things. Even prescriptions that should knock me flat on my ass, do nothing.