16 May, 2006

Moving Movies

I've just watched one of the most amazing movies ever created. It's the kind of movie that truly takes you to a different world, puts you into the life of the characters... and they become more than just characters on a screen. They become real people. They get cut, you feel the pain; they laugh, you smile; they cry, and so do you. Now, I'm not one to be easily affected by movies. I'll watches the saddest, the scariest of movies, and hardly flinch. In fact, only one movie before this has ever evoked such an emotional reaction in me. That movie was "What Dreams May Come", with Robin Williams. I still to this day can hardly watch it without choking up. This movie I watched tonight ranks right along side that one.

This movie was "Memoirs of a Geisha". I bought the DVD without having seen the movie before, and I'm very glad I did. I would have seen this in the theatre ten times and still bought the DVD at full price. It truly is that good.

Now, for all you macho men out theree, okay it's probably not the best choice of movies. There's no death or destruction and no gratuitous sex. For anybody else, however, this is a wonderful and moving trip into the life of another. It is a movie worth seeing time and again. I know I will watch it many more times myself.


Wesley said...

Nice how a couple of years changes your outlook on things?

You and I went out with Durandel and saw that movie over at the Valley Mall aeons ago.

Tarken said...

Crazy. I didn't even remember that.

I wonder what ever happened to Durandel, anyhow.

And welcome to my new blog. Guess you've been browsing LJ, eh? :)