22 May, 2006

The time for water is now

Earth: Docility, receptive, acceptance
Water: Danger, change

Of the 8 elements that best describe a person's ways, these are the two that have always been most dominant in me. It has always been earth, however, that's been at the forefront. Simply accepting what's given to me, sitting back and watching as everything happened and not actively pushing forward myself.

Now is the time for water. Water is constantly changing, always penetrating, always finding a way through. Put water into a vessel and it will form to the shape of the vessel. Give it time and it will find a way out of that vessel.

Water has taken over. It is time for me to actively seek changes. It is time to take control. It is time to make my own path. It is time to live.

1 comment:

boi.wunder said...

so are you still practicing pa.kua any, or is this another thinger altogether, outta curiousity?

and you can have my water. it's been raining for twenty.four hours straight up here... though it thunderstormed yesterday, which rocked socks.